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  An Alamo car rental is a smart way to get a car for short term use such as a vacation or driving around during a business trip. Renting a car for a long driving trip is also wise as it saves wear and tear on your own car. In some cases, such as during special rental programs for one way travel, a car rental can be had for only $1 per day. That’s a fantastic deal.

Alamo car rental started way back in 1974 in Florida. Their primary business was for vacation rentals, as no other companies were serving that niche at the time. With so many vacationers coming to Florida for the sun and for Disney, it was a natural fit. Alamo has a lot of firsts under its belt. Letting people drive with no limit to miles was one. Families on vacation don’t want to track miles or to pay extra when they go over a certain amount. Alamo was one of the first rental car companies to recognize this and come up with a solution.

Alamo car rental was also one of the first to rent cars from a large plaza facility. Other car rental companies at the time – 1974, remember – mostly worked with corporate repeat clients. Although they had a lot of business, much of it was conducted over the phone, long before the traveler showed up to pick up the vehicle. But vacationers often showed up on the spot and in large numbers all at the same time. Alamo came up with the speedy, high volume car rental facility today seen at airport. The goal was getting people in the car and off the lot quickly.

Amongst other common car rental features Alamo pioneered are rental insurance and online car rentals. Alamo was the first rental company to provide low cost coverage for their cars, so people wouldn’t have to worry about accidents. And in 1995 Alamo provided the first opportunity renters had ever seen to book their rental on the Internet. That was a big deal at the time.

But pioneering is only important at the time. Most major auto rental companies provide the same services. Good prices and good vehicles count. Alamo car rentals certainly have both. An economy car from Alamo can cost less than $20 per rental day. No other company is any lower. Alamo has some of the best partnerships in the business so a savvy traveler can also earn airline miles and free hotel stays, as well as a lot of other perks by using an Alamo car rental.

In 1974 Alamo had a dream about providing car rentals. What a difference a few decades makes for Alamo car rental.