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  Many people rent cars for vacations, business trips, temporary replacement for a car in the shop, or even for use a few days a week when public transportation is otherwise used. There are many car rental companies from which to choose. Budget is one that spends a lot of money on advertising. So many people consider a Budget car rental. Lowest price is associated with the name. Itís not true, but itís a good marketing technique.

Budget car rental doesnít only rent cars. When people need to carry a big load, they also turn to Budget for a truck. Budget trucks are more comfortable and stylish than the average truck. Theyíre set apart from other truck fleets by features such as A/C, power brakes and power steering. Compare those features to a traditional trucks with a stiff manual transmission, a loud bumpy ride, and brakes and steering that practically take a superhero to manage. Budget trucks also have something many vans donít have. Thatís a full interior space not interrupted by a big bulging wheel well. That means more cargo and ability to shift it around. Like many truck rental companies Budget sells the trucks after theyíve been in service for a time. Budget trucks, therefore, have another nice comfort. Theyíre not too old and not clunkers. A break down when a truck is needed isnít fun.

In some parts of the country, such as New York City, people find it inconvenient to own a car. High parking prices, congested streets, and the availability of rapid transit add up in a decision to go car-less. But even these people sometimes need a car. It might be to run errands when carrying packages wouldnít be practical on a bus or train. It could also be they just want a drive. In any case, a rental car is the solution. Budget car rentals have cars that rent for about $160 a week, a real bargain. Even the cost of a rental car every weekend of the year, about $70 each weekend from Budget, would be cheaper than the cost of owning a car. When a car isnít necessary every day, people rent them on the days they need them.