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  Hertz is a car rental company that is world famous and is the leading vehicle renting company in the world with more than eighty-one hundred worldwide locations spread across approximately one hundred and forty-seven countries. Everyone knows that Hertz is a car rental company that is also the number one airport car rental service pand in the entire United States. Even in Europe you will find as many as sixty-nine different airport locations where you will find a Hertz car rental outlet and of course its presence in North America, Latin America and Australia as well as New Zealand is pretty significant as well.

Novel Services
You can travel to Asia, Africa and the Middle East and still be able to find a Hertz car rental outlet with as much ease as you do in the more advanced Western countries. In addition to convenience of access, the Hertz car rental company also offers novel services such as Hertz #1 Club Gold and NeverLost navigation systems and of course you get Sirius Satellite Radio as well.

The cars being rented out by every Hertz car rental outlet are unique and you can also hire SUVs and vans all of which helps to set Hertz apart from its competitors. The Hertz car rental company all began in the year 1918 when a pioneer in the field of vehicle renting Walter L. Jacobs opened up a car rental service in Chicago. Though he only began with about twelve Model T Fords he did, thanks to his dedication and hard work, succeed in what has today become an empire in its own right.

In the twenties, however Jacobs sold his company to John Hertz who was President of Yellow Cab and Yellow Truck and also of Coach Manufacturing Company. However, Jacobs continued to be associated with Hertz in the newly formed venture called Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System. From then onward to the present the Hertz car rental services have gone from strength to strength and today it offers its specialty vehicle the Corvette ZHZ that is testimony to the iconic status that Hertz car rentals enjoy today.

At present, Hertz is the one car hire company that is considered a travelerís best friend and to ensure that it remains so the company offers Hertz car rental coupons that help travelers to avoid the hassle of having to fight over taxis when they arrive at an airport. With these coupons, travelers can end up saving fifty percent of the cost of renting a car from any of the many thousand different locations being served by Hertz car rental.